Professor Stelios Choulis and Achilleas Savva at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science (MEP Research Unit) has registered an international patent (WO2015198321) titled “Thin film optoelectronic devices using delafossite type metal oxides and methods of their fabrication”.

The patent describes a novel method for fabricating delafossite type metal oxides thin films, and the novel electrically active delafossite type metal oxides thin film are presented. The method comprises: providing a liquid-phase film material comprising a solution of a precursor material having at least one metal ion source and at least one selected fuel compound in at least one selected polar solvent; and using the liquid-phase film material for fabricating a multi-layer structure comprising at least one optically active layer configured with desired optical, electronic and mechanical properties. The film material is deposited on a surface of a structure comprising the optically active layer, and a post deposition treatment is applied to the deposited film material to transform the film material into an electrically active delafossite type metal oxide film being a semi- crystalline film comprising amorphous and crystalline regions.